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One of the cities in the world that has become a synonymous with high stakes gambling and a one-of-a-kind leisure industry is Las Vegas, Nevada. The city offers many tourist attractions and diversions for the well-seasoned traveller.

Yet, this desert city is also becoming a preference for artists in the music industry for creating original music. In turn the recording studios there have pushed the envelope to create phenomenal facilities for recording.

As the number of great recording studios  in Las Vegas rises, the more choices the artist has. It’s not quite like looking for  a needle in haystack but with just a little research using the checklist provided below, an artist can easily find the best in Las Vegas recording studios without as much as raising a sweat.

Affordable Fees and Rates

While the normal tendency for someone shopping for a product is to grab the lowest priced item, one needs to look at the big picture when it comes to choosing a studio. Of course you need to see what is offered for the money as far as facilities and talent (we’ll go over that later), but  you should also look at how the studio charges for it’s services.The most common way a recording studio in Las Vegas charges is on an hourly basis. While this might work if you have a quick project, you would be far better off to find a studio that charges on a per song basis if you want to do an album or an EP. This allows for the most relaxed creative environment possible as you don’t need to worry about the clock and the ultimate cost. It’s all worked out ahead of time. A studio that truly values their musical clients will have no problem working on this billing premise.

Avant-garde Facilities and Equipment

Record labels in Las Vegas must be fully equipped with the latest facilities and gadgets. There should be a live room, a control room, an isolation booth and acoustic treatment applied to the perimeters of the facility. These facilities should also carry standard musical instruments like guitars and drums for the clients‘ use. They should also be equipped with the latest hardware, software and plug ins for the most flexibility in recording options in terms of recording, mixing and mastering the music.

On-hand Support and Expertise

Record studios can set themselves apart from their competitors with the support and services that they provide to their clients.It’s an intangible thing that can only be determined when Artists meet with the team they are considering working with. In the best case you will get a sense of total dedication from these professionals towards you and your project. DONT SETTLE FOR LESS!!!! That is one of the biggest factors to consider when making your choice!

In summary, when choosing a recording studio in Las Vegas  Artists should consider  the following factors: affordability, equipment, and the people they will be working with.

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