Las Vegas Recording Studios Checklist

With the increasing popularity of high quality home recording equipment and software, it’s tempting for aspiring musicians to just do all their music in their bedrooms. While that’s certainly very convenient, there’s no beating the results of using professional studios. If you wish to raise the bar on your tracks by looking for the best Las Vegas recording studio near you, you first need to know what actually makes one studio better than another.

You can certainly ask your friends and contacts for their recommendations. However, this may end up becoming unreliable, especially if they haven’t used the recording studio themselves. You need to go and check out the places yourself in order to guarantee that the studio you book time in has everything you’re looking for and more.

Here’s a short checklist of what the optimal recording studio must have:

Impressive equipment. Studios use varying recording equipment, and you should definitely check which one has the latest and complete sets of equipment you’re going to need. Do some research about mixers, outboards, software, microphones, amps, cables and monitors to keep updated with what the best quality recording devices are.

Expert engineers. Renting a recording studio comes with a sound engineer who’ll help you in getting your music laid down with all the equipment they have. The engineer they provide you should be skilled and experienced so that you can be reassured that you’re getting the best help possible. Monitoring, metering, mixing, and tracking signal paths are just some of the skills the engineer should be very proficient in.

Musicians and instruments. Though you can use your own instruments in recording your tracks, the studio should also have new guitars, keyboards, and other musical instruments you can borrow. Some will also have musicians who can provide accompaniment in creating the melodies or backgrounds that you need.

Good references and samples. Ask for a list of clients and their phone numbers so you can contact past customers about their experience hiring the studio. This is a good way of getting first-hand opinions of the studio’s caliber. You should also listen to some of the tracks recorded in the studio so you’ll have your expectations set when you do go for them.

Affordable cost. This might be the most limiting factor for up-and-coming artists. You have to make sure you can afford the rates that the studio offers; otherwise you’ll have a harder time later. Ask about all the costs you’ll end up being charged with so you can estimate how much you’ll be shelling out.

With a little research and a few visits, you can make sure that the recording studio you’ll use is definitely one for you.

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