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Our state of the art equipment and team of award winners make for one of the best recording experiences around. If you’ve been wanting that industry level, radio quality sound, then you need to align yourself with professionals that do it on a daily basis, with artists that you respect.  Whether it be a single or an entire album, we’re here to help you. Get a feel for The Omnitone and contact us today to schedule a meeting so we can discuss your project and how we can best help you achieve your musical goals.


For most of our projects, we generally shy away from the standard hourly-rate recording fee.  Typically, we schedule a video conference meeting so we can best understand what it is that you require for your project. Following, we will provide you with a flat fee to get the job done.  It’s that simple. Globally, The Omnitone has the ability to work out of multiple studios.  In Las Vegas, we function out of two main facilities.

Music Recording Microphone



This studio is a private production facility in a more intimate setting. Don’t let this smaller gem fool you. It’s cutting edge and professional from top to bottom; from the custom sound treated control room and vocal booth, to the Neve mic pres,  compressors, and Telefunkin microphones.  We record with the newest, latest software and the studio has a ton of power.  Needless to say, we spared no expense making this beautiful studio.




We are are proud to announce our recent partnership with Electric Shop Recording.  Electric Shop is one of the most beautiful studios in Las Vegas.  It features an exquisitely large live room and control room. The control room is decked out with racks of vintage outboard gear. It even has a luxury lounge to relax in, between takes.

Combined with state of the art equipment, acoustic treatment, and love for the craft, this luxuriously enormous and comfortable studio is set up for anyone including the seasoned professional. When you record at Electric Shop, you record in comfort.  Anybody who is lucky enough to have the opportunity to work in this wonderful facility gets a chance to produce quality work while being treated like family.

Because of our long-standing relationship with Electric Shop, we are able to get reduced pricing. Contact us directly for special booking rates.



Mixing is a necessity when it comes to recording a song.  Without a good, quality mixer, you might as well throw your song in the trash.  Mixing doesn’t just get the levels right, it breaks down the song microscopically and puts it back together through various types of gear and software.  The end result is a sonically pleasing song playing at an industry standard level.

Knowing how important the mixing process is, we took our time trying to find the right fit for our company and arrived at Sam Polizzi.  Sam is one of the industry’s hottest mixers and has an extensive list of credentials to his name.  Working with the industry’s elite, his hugely aggressive and saturated wall of sound makes him stand out as a trendsetter in the music business. We are proud to call Sam part of The Omnitone family.

Music Mixing Console
Music Mastering Image


If you want your product to have that finished, loud, professional and glassy sound, then mastering is an essential part of the recording process.

When it comes to mastering, almost everybody in the music industry has heard of award-winning Euphonic Masters, owned by legendary Brad Blackwood.  Brad has led the industry for decades in his field and continues to set the bar for mastering at a world-class level.  His client list is enormous and his work speaks for itself. Brad is a vital and essential part of The Omnitone family and we are lucky to have him.


If there is a need to help in the area of songwriting, we’ve hand selected some of the best songwriters we can find in their respective genres. Following our initial consultation, we will know who, in our opinion, is the best fit for your product and will recommend accordingly.

Songwriting Services
Music Production


Production is one of our specialties. From hand picking the musicians at conception, to programming full-blown orchestrations around you, our production team immerses themselves in your product to fit perfectly around your voice.

Because we are equipped with a variety of talent, each with different specialties, we are able to tackle any genre of music competitively and authentically from scratch.


Some artists find coming up with lyrics easy.  Some find it easier to come up with the music and some have no problem doing both. If there is a need in the area of lyric writing, we can help.  Our team consists of very talented lyricists to help customize your unique sound.

Lyrics Writing
Custom Beat Making - MPC Board


Want to stand out against your competition?  Our team can help make you something custom and unique, from scratch.  Don’t download prefabricated beats that other people are using, limiting your ability to monetize.  Own your music, retain control, and maximize your profits.

Creating custom beats is a crucial part of the recording process. The award-winning beat makers in The Omnitone team are versed in multiple genres of music and are able to write and program beats at an industry level.

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