Las Vegas is a premier tourist destination for resort and leisure lovers.  Visitors have much  to choose from  including the shopping, the sites and of course, trying their luck in the different casinos.   Once you get past the strip and the downtown core however, you’ll find a community that is as vibrant and active in the Arts as most any other major U.S. metropolis.

What sets Las Vegas even further apart from most cities is the large concentration of musicians and song writers. They don’t call it the Entertainment Capital for nothing! As a result, music aficionados of all levels have access to some of the best recording facilities, price rates and support anywhere.  As a result of  all the choices you have in the many Las Vegas recording studios we’ll outline the factors that will help you identify a top caliber facility.

First let’s discuss facilities.  Studios in Las Vegas must have a live room, a control room and an isolation booth.  Each section is important to the recording process.  The Live Room is typically where the drums would be recorded. Much like the name implies, the room is usually expansive to take advantage of the room acoustics. The isolation booth is usually a smaller area off to the side. It’s usually used for recording a vocal or any other instrument where it’s important to cut off the performer from any external sounds or noises that could undermine a performance. The Artist in this case wears sound tight headphones to hear the playback of the recorded track as they layer their new part in. The actual studio area or Control Room is where the Producer quarterbacks the entire proceeding with access to every area of the facility through elaborate talk back control systems. It’s also the area that houses the all important Hardware that, (although it’s very important to have the best and most up to date gear), is only as good as the Producer controlling it.

The term  digital recording studios  is often thrown around as a selling point for some Las Vegas Recording Studios. It’s important to note that this is a buzz word that refers to the digital format of recording which is, in fact the industry standard. Any good Studio should be able to offer a fully digital product that is recorded, mixed and mastered in the  digital realm.

As far as pricing goes, each Las Vegas recording studio has its own set of price rates.   There are no fixed rates but this would vary by range and scope of the client’s recording needs.   The most common practice of digital recording studios is to charge an hourly rate.  If you search though you will find that other studios in Las Vegas offer all inclusive price packages that charge by the project.  This is always preferable as it takes away the stress factor of watching the clock and allows a freer artistic environment.

Next, let’s discuss about add on support and services.   Whenever you buy a car, you always want to know what’s included when you make the purchase.  The same holds true when hiring a recording studio.  You have to know what services are offered during, before and after recording sessions. Questions you need to address are: Who is writing the songs and how are the song writing credits distributed? What kind of a timeline will be followed as far as the recording sessions? Does this studio provide musicians and if so at what cost? Does this studio include or give options for mixing and mastering? Does this studio have all of these items laid out in advance and in writing so there is never a dispute?

The final thing to consider is the intangible. When you meet with your Producer/Engineer do you get a good feeling that he/she is qualified and capable to work with you in the process of creating music?  Do they express the same care and passion you have for the finished product?

All of this this and a little methodical analysis of the factors we’ve discussed go a long way towards making the right choice when it comes to choosing a Las Vegas Recording Studio.

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