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Las Vegas Nevada has become one of the most densely populated cities in the United States. Its  well-known for its leisure and resorts industry. Although still affected by the recession, its tourism industry helps stave off the negative effects of the real estate market and still generates and produces a stable income for the city.

You might not think so at first thought but Las Vegas is also starting to make a name for itself as one of the best  locations for artists to make a record. This has been evidenced by the number of growing singers, writers and musicians converging to this desert city for their musical albums and other recording needs. T

he recording process often means long hours of isolation and hard work. The allure of the Las Vegas Strip and a population of over two million make this once “sleepy” town a great choice for Artists who like to let loose or just “stay in the loop” between sessions.

With the incredible growth of the city , plenty of facilities have sprung up. With all of these choices, Artists need to consider the many studios in Las Vegas and make a choice. A quick check of the internet is the most common method of finding the right place but often, the internet is filled with misinformation or as we like to call it, Myth information. It’s tough enough to go through all of the factual details and technical information when considering music studios in Las Vegas so we are going to go over and hopefully clarify some of the common myths!

Myth #1: Las Vegas Recording Studios are unreasonably expensive!.

Don’t  assume that just because it’s located in  Las Vegas, the services here are expensive. Sure some of the most expensive real estate in the world is on the world famous strip, but most of the really great studios in town are well off of the strip. There is really no need to be right on the strip if you’re there to cut a serious record. It’s quite probable that the fee you would be paying would be for the location just as much as for the facility! Also the rental rates for many music studios in Las Vegas are on an hourly basis but if you look for it, facilities that charge on a per song basis can save you a lot of money and stay within your pre-determined budget..

Myth #2: Talent has little guidance once the session starts.

The true competitive edge that these studios in Las Vegas have are their people. Access to the expertise and professional know-how that these professionals have from the sound engineers, mixers, musicians and other support personnel all contribute to the process.

Myth #3: Artists can get the same results in a home recording studio using professional recording software.

You can make moonshine at home too but compare those results to fine Cognac and you get the idea of what it means to go to a professional facility to do things the right way. There is no substitute for a good team working in a state of the art recording studio.  Their  job, day in and day out is to make every sound and nuance as great as it can be.

It didn’t happen overnight but  Las Vegas is fast becoming as well known for its original recording acts and recording studios as it is for its production shows and gaming.

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