Produced in one of the best Las Vegas recording studios in town, Steve Carlson & Rosalee’s “I Believe” is a heartfelt tribute to all the families faced with the enormous challenge of infertility. Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM) co-founder Geoffrey Sher, MD commissioned the song after the collaboration between son Darren Sher and musician Steve Carlson perfectly expressed the emotional tribulations of dealing with infertility, and how hope strengthens the family against them.

The lyrics of the song beautifully capture the troubles of families who want so much to have a baby, and yet the words reflect many other human struggles as well. Its melody is amazing and has so inspired SIRM that they made it their new theme song. Now with a music video uploaded on YouTube, families from all over can listen and be instilled with hope for a family blessed with children.

Geoffrey Sher has always viewed that helping his patients need more than medical expertise, as the emotional stress that a family will need to go through any of the treatments really requires much commitment and sufferance. He needs to present hope to the family so that they will be able to endure the negative emotions that will surely bring them down without it. This is why he was very much impressed with the results of the collaboration. The song can inspire families to believe in the positive outcome.

Invite your loved ones to listen to the words full of courage sung by Steve Carlson & Rosalee Sher (Darren’s wife). Take heart from knowing that just believing can make all the difference in the world.

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