Choosing the right Las Vegas recording studio to work with is a critical decision that will affect the overall result of your musical endeavor. Optimally, you would want to get the best studio possible that can meet your expectations while fitting within your budget. Although affordability may be your initial consideration in your decision, determining which recording studio and even more importantly which production team to work with are critical. In this blog, however we will focus primarily on equipment and the optimum recording environment which are the first steps to getting high quality audio recordings. Future blogs will focus on choosing the right team of recording professionals to work with.

Of course, you’d want to start by making a short list of recording studios that you’ll ultimately  choose from. Google it, ask your friends, or get professional recommendations from people in the biz, but don’t decide on this alone. You need to personally check each one out to find the best fit for you. Here are the things you’ll keep an eye out for:

The Gear

If you browsed the top search engine results for Las Vegas recording studios, you’ll quickly notice that all of these websites have a list of their equipment along with the other hardware and software they use. That’s not surprising, as top of the line mic pre’s , compressors and a to d converters ensure crisp vocals and deep, rich instrumental reproduction. However, you should note and make sure that it’s clear, what gear is included in the package you’re considering, as renting additional gear can be very troublesome and costly for you. Most reputable studios will have every piece of equipment you need in house.

The Space

The quality of sound proofing and acoustics largely depend on how the studio is set up and constructed. Typically, you’ll want a spacious enough studio with high ceilings and minimal but relevant reverb/decay. The room will always affect the sound quality of your recording as much as the equipment will, so it needs to sound good and the producer/engineer needs to be familiar with the environment to get optimal sounding recordings.

The Engineer

Working with the right sound engineer is definitely very important in order to capture industry standard sound and fidelity. You’ll want to have someone who’s had a lot of experience in manipulating all of the gear to organically express your musical inspiration. But skill and experience isn’t everything. There’s still no piece of equipment that can replace the benefit of a trained ear. Once  basic sounds are dialed in it  makes it much easier to feel the music and bring your songs to life.

The Feel

Take the time to personally visit the studio to get the vibe of the place. This goes beyond the gear or the engineer, as how you feel inside the studio has a big impact on your comfort level while recording, which will directly affect your performance. See if you feel comfortable working in the environment and with the people there.

The Deal

Now you need to compare each package that each Las Vegas recording studio offers so you can see how they fit in with your working budget. Be mindful of additional charges for features and gear that aren’t included in them.

If you find all this in one package then don’t hesitate to book it. Researching and considering all your options will pay off in the end. The best part is that you will have a lifetime to appreciate the fruits of your labour as you play back your tracks and reflect on a successful and satisfying recording experience.

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